Concrete mixing station winter maintenance of the road   Many of the devices are required for maintenance and repair, a number of large-scale mechanical engineering equipment in maintenance or when there are points of the season. In the summer and winter maintenance of the road maintenance is not the same. What concrete mix station winter time to care, how to ensure safety in their cold season normal operation. Henan Engineering Group tell your equipment in the maintenance of the winter road.      Because the relationship between the seasons. putzmeister 20z-meter truck mounted concrete boom pump price After the concrete mixing station operation, after the operator of that days work in Guinea is needed inside and outside the Department of stirred tank wall fouling equipment, at the discharge port, the residue was stirred shaft and discharge door on the cleanup work, Water may be used to house the equipment to wash them, if necessary, can be put in a small amount of stone and water, stirring after ten minutes to put out. Water for washing cars, and for the additional agent tank system. These are run to completion after the mixer needs to be done every day. After the end of the winter, we need to run the device is exhausted pumps require additional coolant pump, water tank, additional agents inside the water tank and residues, so the cold seasons set in damage to the pump and tubing, but also need to start Additional coolant pump pumps run a minute or so, modesty is the maintenance of the road in winter concrete mixing station. Concrete mix station winter if it does not use the words of their construction equipment needs of each instrument must be turned twice a week, and half an hour each boot time. This prevents long winter without the use of concrete mixing plants and cause frostbite, or will not boot phenomenon. How to extend the life of concrete mixer Concrete mixer mainly those of cement and sand mix, you can imagine, there is a strong need for concrete mixers efforts, and certainly there will be some of the silt stirred consolidation in the impeller, and will make a lot of stained body soil. It is inseparable from the maintenance and upkeep of the mixer. How to maintain mixer makes it extend the life of it? First, between the use of concrete mixers to do small concrete batch plant china manufacturers the preparatory work, the most important is to check, check whether the various parts work normally. Second, after the work is completed in a timely manner for cleaning the mixer body, after use of the mixer to timely clean up the dirt on the mixer body clean out, while avoiding dirt can enter the motor, gear and other equipment. But also from time to time to spotting machine lubricating oil, to avoid damage due to the great cause of friction on the mixer. Thirdly, in the concrete mixer working from time to time, they also need to pay attention to its work, such as the motor, gear, etc. These devices can sound when they work to determine whether it is normal, if there is any unusual noises appear to be promptly stop the machine work, be carefully checked. Only do every day on the concrete mixer maintenance work, will make the mixer with a longer time, we can ensure the quality of the prepared concrete is more reliable.